Time Management is the Game Changer: 10 steps to having a better more fulfilling work-life balance!

According to studies, only 10% of people feel “in control” of how they spend their time each day.

Zig Ziglar (a famous motivational speaker) said “we all have the same 24 hours”.  So it comes down to how we use that same 24 hours that makes some people successful and happier than others.

Time is the most important investment you will ever make in your life.  If you waste it, you cannot get it back.  So invest your time wisely! Investing your time wisely is called “time management”.

Here a few tips that I have been using myself:

  1. Set the right priorities. Start with making a list (in writing) of your priorities and tasks for each day.  At the end of each day, check off what you have accomplished.  Carry forward what you have not accomplished, only if it is still important.
  2. Start every day with a positive attitude. It will set up your day for success.  If we start off the day with a negative emotional state of mind, it sets a negative mood for the rest of the day which spirals into us not being productive because we are fighting fires all day!
  3. Look after your health: eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Make sure you include this in your routine every day.   Respect your body and your health.  If you lose this, nothing else will matter, including your job and career!  It’s been said that a high-performance race car will not function if it is not well maintained.  We only get one body, we need to look after it, as it is our vehicle to carry us through this journey called “life”.
  4. Look after the important people in your life: your family!  Your spouse/partner and your children need your time, focus and attention.  Make time in your day for them every day.  Those relationships need to be nurtured.
  5. Find some time to have fun. Life is not about just working, its about learning, having fun, and creating memorable experiences. If your fun consists of playing games, golfing, fishing or whatever, do it!.  It’s what you are working hard for!  Make sure you include some “fun” in your daily activities.
  6. Meditate every day. It has been proven that meditation can improve health, both body and mind, and lower stress levels.  It also helps to keep you calm and clear your head, so your decision-making is more focused.
  7. Keep a “gratitude” journal. I know you have probably heard about this from Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and a host of other modern-day philosophers’, but this is one of the most important exercises that will bring positivity into your life because it forces you to think about what you are grateful for.
  8. Declutter your life of commitments that you cannot honour with time or expertise. Many people agree to join boards or associations whether they are social, charitable, religious, or otherwise for reasons that they think will be good for their careers.  Then they realize that these commitments are very time-consuming. This then becomes added stress in their lives.  Reflect carefully on why you have taken on these commitments and decide if you can fulfill them.  If not, do the honourable thing and bow out and let the organization find someone who can fill the need and spend the time. 
  9. Declutter your life of stuff that does not serve a useful purpose and does not bring you joy. It fills your space, your mind, and drains your energy, especially if you need to keep maintaining it.  

Give it away or get someone else to look after it.  In any case, don’t waste your valuable time maintaining it if it does not serve a purpose anymore.

  1. Delegate: you don’t need to do everything yourself.  Especially, if there is someone that can do it better and faster than yourself.  Why spend hours trying to fix a plumbing or electrical problem, if you do not have the expertise to know how to do it?  Get someone whose job it is to fix this problem. 

Time is your most valuable asset….. don’t waste it.  Use it wisely!



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