The Chaos of Clutter!

Organization is key when it comes to living and working in a small space.  As someone who is not always organized, I can tell you how difficult it was for me when a global pandemic hit.  All of a sudden, I was working from home.  Working from home if you have a home office, or even a quiet-ishspace or corner of your ownwould probably be ok.  In a small twobedroom apartment, with my two-yearold no longer at daycaresharing a dining table “office” with my husband proved difficult.  I found myself struggling to concentrate on work when there were toys everywhere, or dishes in the sink, or laundry that had to be folded or a toddler that needed my attention because my husband was on the phone. Things that normally took a few hours to finish, suddenly took all day.  Many of you have had a similar experience, and like me, may have breathed a sigh of relief when offices opened, even if just for a few days a week.  I think I was one of the first ones who signed up to work in the office once we could go back. 

During the time we were working from home, a friend asked for professional organizer recommendations online.  I was amazed at the number of recommendations she got in response. I thought, “Wowcan’t believe that’s really a thingI need that at my house!made a few calls and had a conversation with a Clutter Consultant named Angela.Angela convinced me that once things had a designated space, they would be easier to put away because I would know where they go.  I would not have a big pile of things in a corner, because everything in the pile had a home.  I gave in and had her come in and reorganize my space.  There was some prep involved; I bought some extra shelving and a cabinet as per her plan, and then I left it for her to arrange the best way she could.  

My Clutter Consultant did a great job.  She kept things simplereused as much as she could and took all the garbage, donations and recycling with her each day.  She bought hooks and shelves, bins and basketsAngela worked for 3 days to make a place for everything, and I helped by deciding what had to stay and what could be thrown out or donated.  Some new shelving, a LOT of baskets, doors and drawers, and suddenly, my small space is so much more functional.  There is space for my daughter to dance in the living room without tripping over her toys, and a shelf and toy bins just for her to learn how to put her own things away (or for me to do once she has gone to bed). There is space for my husbands work papers, where I can put them awayand close the door.  There is room for an extra hamper near the washing machine, so that any clothes on the floor canbe thrown in the hamper.  

Organizing the space has also made it easier to work from home, which I now do one day a week, but it has also made it easier to live at home.  With a toddler, there is no way to have everything neat and tidy all the time, and even if I could, that type of livingdoesn’t really suit me.  Our space now has a more relaxed feel to it, and I don’t feel the maddening need to clean every time I walk in the door.  It has only been a month since she was hereso everything is still looking pretty organized. I hope that I am able to maintain the changes that my Declutterer has brought to my home.  It has done a wonderful jobof managing my anxiety!


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