Staying healthy in a pandemic…. COVID19

2020 will be known for its challenges and most of all, staying healthy and fit during this time.

Fitness and healthy eating have always been a big part of my daily routine.  My fitness consisted of going to the gym, attending classes at a fitness center, and practicing yoga.  So, when everything went into lockdown, I was definitely thrown out of my routine and found it very hard to stay motivated to workout at home.

During this time, I have continued to eat healthy, as that was something I had control over;  It was easy for me to drop by our local farmers market or grocery store to pick up the food I wanted to cook.  However, it does take some meal planning.

To help keep my mind in balance, I read, listen to motivating podcasts, and meditate.   I also play challenging mind games on my iPad, iPhone.  

As we move into Phase 2 and 3, my life is slowly getting back to the new normal as I am back to work full time (with social distancing and sanitization in place ) and I have found a fitness center that fits my comfort zone with all of the measures in place for a virus-free environment.

Because I am a part of the vulnerable age group affected by this virus, and health is very important to me, I am very careful about social distancing, wearing a mask,  frequently washing my hands, and use hand sanitizers.  I also follow the guidelines set out by our local Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

I work daily on keeping a positive attitude. Because of COVID19, I am sure it will be a while before we can experience the normal that we are used to.

Three things to take away from this.

  • First and foremost, follow the health guidelines set out for us so that we can get this virus under control.
  • Stay as positive as possible and be kind to everyone.
  • Let us all work together and help each other…young and old.


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