Top 8 Strategies to Overcome Stress and Anxiety!!!

Top 8 Strategies to Overcome Stress and Anxiety!!!

We currently host monthly Health and Wellness sessions and recently one made a significant difference for me.  We all have our ups and downs, but I had a bit of rough month. It is not only our busiest time of the year at The Dupuis Langen Group, but I, personally lost a dear friend, and as well, incurred a home insurance claim when a 160-foot tree came down in our yard, crushing the shed, which I recently built.

I felt extremely sad for the loss of my friend, overwhelmed with my workload, and anxious with the uncertainty of dealing with a property insurance claim. To say I was stressed, may be a massive understatement.

Enter Alex Bruce and the Crisis Centre

It’s almost like this lunch and learn was designed and timed just for me.  In the last few weeks, I have taken her top 8 tips for Overcoming Stress and Anxiety to heart.  Here are Alex’s top 8 that I have actively used to help me alleviate my recent stress and anxiety:

#8 – SMILE – I’m usually pretty good at this, but recently I have been working on a   forced smile at times

#7 – Staying intellectually active – I have signed up for a new CEBS course

#6 – Consciously Relaxing – making sure I take some time to myself

#5 – Yawning – I had no idea how much this can interrupt stress patterns

#4 – Meditation – thank you to Scott Orth for giving me this practice

#3 – Aerobic Exercise – Running is my new therapy – hard to make the time – but what a difference it makes when I do

#2 – Dialoging with others – Thank you to my best friends and co-workers! You have helped me more than you will ever know

#1 – Positively based outlook – Alex used the word “faith” but for me, I see the bright side of life more than most.  Things will get better – I accept this as a rough patch – I don’t love it – but it is there, and I will be OK

If you know of anyone that is feeling a bit stressed, I highly recommend them listening to Alex’s session. It helped me, and it could make a massive difference for a friend or co-worker that is going through similar things.

If you want to know more, you can request a recording of our session.  Reach out to to get your copy, available for the next 4 weeks only.


Author: Brian Cole