Medjet is your ultimate travel companion

Domestically or internationally.  For business trips or personal vacations.  Medjet is your peace-of-mind in the event of a medical mishap while traveling.  With a medjet membership, you are never too far from home.

Medjet is the premier global air medical transport membership program. As a member, if you are hospitalized internationally or domestically – 150 miles or more from your primary residence – Medjet will arrange comprehensive medical transportation to a home country hospital of your choice for inpatient care. Medjet’s services are bedside-to-bedside and include all medical care during transport. Membership is applicable for individuals and families with a primary residence in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.

CONSIDER ELEVATING YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO MEDJETHORIZON.  By doing so, you gain access to an unprecedented suite of security, health and travel services in addition to MedjetAssist benefits. Center stage with MedjetHorizon protection is a 24/7

Crisis Response Center for Travel Security and Crisis Response consultation as well as coordinated in-country services during travel for a broad range of crisis events:

Violent Crime • Political Threat • Terrorism • Hijack • Wrongful Detention • Disappearance • Kidnap for Ransom • Blackmail/Extortion

MEDJETASSIST OVERVIEW  When traveling, the safer you feel, the more you can focus on the moment. Medjet takes worry-free travel to the next level, both domestically and abroad, with a suite of proactive membership options to help members feel safer and more prepared for travel’s many possibilities. Experience travel in a whole new way with the peace-of-mind provided when you choose the Medjet membership that’s right for you.


MedjetAssist Membership – A MedjetAssist membership is your most reliable and affordable path back to the care of the doctors you trust, where your family members can be by your side. If you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home, Medjet will arrange air medical transport back to a hospital of choice in your home country — regardless of medical necessity — and at no cost besides your membership fee.

MedjetHorizon Membership – Your health, your safety, your sense of security — it’s all here with MedjetHorizon. In addition to all the benefits of a classic Medjet membership, MedjetHorizon members can call when they feel threatened or in danger while traveling for situations involving: Terrorism, Political Threat, Violent Crime, Disappearance, Blackmail & Extortion, Wrongful Detention, Hijacking, and Kidnap for Ransom.

MedjetAssist Membership:

  • Comprehensive air medical transfer to a member’s home hospital or hospital of their choice within their home country – even if the member is in an adequate facility
  • No requirement for critical or life-threatening illness or injury
  • Domestic air medical transport services typically average $20,000 while international transports can easily exceed $100,000. No out of pocket cost to the MedjetAssist member for services arranged by Medjet on their behalf.
  • No health questions up to age 75 and no pre-existing condition exclusions
  • No claim forms, co-payments, deductibles, subrogation or waiting periods
  • MedjetAssist protection allows for up to 90 consecutive days of travel outside the member’s country of primary residence. Medjet also has extended-stay/expatriate membership for persons traveling internationally for more than 90 consecutive days per year
  • Mortal remains transfer

MedjetHorizon Membership:

  • All benefits of MedjetAssist Membership plus:
  • 24/7 access to the Crisis Response Center and veteran security experts for advice, and as necessary, coordinated in-country response services, requiring no hard triggers, or government-issued evacuation mandates
  • Additional benefits: Ground Ambulance Transfer, Specialty Hospital

Transfer, Personal Travel Advisories and Cash Advance.