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Travel Insurance – What you need to know!

If you’re travelling during the summer, you may want to inquire about what kind of travel insurance you have.  Most extended health plans have included travel emergency medical assistance as part of the benefits.  Contact your plan administrator or provider to find out what your coverage is.

Before you go

Before you travel, whether for business or on vacation, it is important to read and understand the details of your out of province medical assistance program.

Your supplemental health insurance coverage allows you to benefit from medical assistance outside your province of residence (travel insurance). It provides reimbursement for expenses paid in the event of a medical emergency due to a sudden or unforeseen incident. There will be no coverage for expenses incurred due to a pre-existing medical condition that you knew to be unstable prior to leaving your province of residence.

If you have an illness or pre-existing medical condition

Before your departure, you must ensure that your health condition is stable and that no symptoms be present that could reasonably point to potential health-related complications or the need for health care while you are outside your province of residence. Assurance from your attending physician that you are able to travel does not automatically mean that your insurance will cover your medical condition.

If in doubt, you can contact your benefit provider to request an evaluation of your health condition or clarify the terms of your plan.

If an incident not related to your medical condition occurs

If you travel and you were aware that your medical condition is unstable or that you were notified of an exclusion, you will continue to be covered for accidents and potential health problems provided that they are not directly or indirectly related to your pre-existing condition or the exclusion.

For individually purchased travel health plans review the CBC Marketplace Tip Sheet on what you need to know when purchasing travel health insurance:

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