In our society, debt is a part of life. Debt can help us get an education, buy a car, own a home, or expand our business. When debt is managed well, it is a stepping stone that enables us to improve our life and get things accomplished. However, if debt is not managed well, it can become a stumbling block and hinder our progress rather than move us forward. If you would rather have debt as a friend than a life-long foe, this section is for you.

With the booming real estate markets in Vancouver, Toronto and other parts of Canada, a lot of Canadians have found themselves deeper in-debt than ever before. It is very scary to think that the average Canadian household’s debt to income levels are at 163%. This means we owe $1.63 for every $1.00 that we are earning in wages – ouch!

Debt management and your investment strategy go hand-in-hand, you cannot have one without making sure the other is taken care of. Our financial planning professionals can help you determine whether you should focus on paying off your debt, growing your investments, or even split of both could work!