Life Insurance is a legacy of love for most individuals and is the most important asset you will ever own! Far from morbid, insurance is wish fulfillment for husbands, fathers, mothers and daughters when life takes an unexpected turn.

When you buy life insurance, you’re buying peace of mind that can cover your debts, mortgage, taxes, the kids’ education etc. You hope you never have to use it but it’s really nice to know it’s there. (the house was redundant because mortgage refers to that)

Step one is to get coverage while you can. Sure, you’re healthy and insurable today but if life throws you a curve-ball, you may not be tomorrow. Talk to an Advisor about the merits of term insurance, universal life or whole life insurance and decide what’s best for you in the long term.

Whether you are young or old, single or married, rich or poor, life insurance makes perfect sense. For just pennies on the dollar, it creates an instant estate for the protection of your family and everything you worked for.

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