Dental PPE

As restrictions ease, and dental clinics reopen. You may find that your next visit may cost you little more than expected.

Because dentists and hygienists must work so closely with their patients, social distancing is virtually impossible so more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks, face shields, gowns, etc. are needed to ensure the safety of all during your appointment. Unfortunately, that means that the cost may be passed onto you, the patient. This may in the form of the clinics charging more for each individual treatment code or adding a separate PPE code to your bill.

You will likely be out-of-pocket for these extra fees because most insurance companies do not cover these surcharges. As an option, you can choose to modify your plan design to cover these PPE surcharges. Talk to us if you would like a quote to include this in your plan.

Also, PPE surcharges are eligible expenses under a Health Spending Account (H.S.A.) when it is part of a service rendered by an eligible provider/practitioner. So, if your plan does include an H.S.A. and you are charged these extra fees, you can submit them to your H.S.A. for reimbursement.

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