Ann Fry

Ann Fry

General Manager

It was fate, not fortune, that brought Ann Fry to Dupuis Langen in 1985 and we are still together. Over the past 31 years, she has worked in all areas of the Company, from Insurance and Financial Planning, to the Employee Benefits department, to Office Administration. While she loved working with group policyholders and their employees for over 20 years, Ann was satisfied to pass on the baton when the time came and assume a management role.

Today, as General Manager of Dupuis Langen, her responsibilities encompass finances and accounting, recruitment and human resources, licensing and contract administration, and office policies.  Ann has played an important role in the growth and evolution of Dupuis Langen and she takes pride in her contributions, especially in her involvement in hiring the outstanding team we have today.

Of Dupuis Langen she says, “I have been pulled and stretched in every direction to realize my potential, and I am better for it.”