Visit to the Doctor’s Online? It’s Possible!


Hi, everyone it’s Brian Cole from the Dupuis Langen Group where I am an employee benefits consultant. If you watched my last video you remember I talked about the CliniCloud. So I want to tell you about this exciting new item and what it can do for you.


But first I want to chat to you about employee benefits as a whole. I’ve been working in the industry for almost 20 years now and there’s one kind of harsh reality and that is today’s benefit programs are very similar to the programs if not exactly the same as the programs that were designed 20 years or even 30 years ago. The industry has been very slow to innovate. Ultimately benefit programs are about, yes, caring for employees in terms of health, dental, disability, life insurance, and that’s an important part. But the reality is these plans are about recruiting and retaining staff. So, the more ways we can find to innovate and help you set your company apart, the better.


That’s why I’m super excited about this new program because it’s very hard to access a doctor these days. If you’re like me, well you’re probably not exactly like me, but I’ve got my wife who’s a working engineer and I’ve got three kids one in high school, two in elementary schools. So, September is a crazy time of year. Now, of course what happened is my son went into Grade 1 and when he comes out about three days later he’s got a cold. We’ve got asthma in our family and all of a sudden he’s got an asthma issue.


So, our choices now are my wife’s going to take half a day off. I’ve got to take half a day–off basically someone’s got to take a half a day off to go see our family doctor. We are one of the few families that are fortunate enough to have access to a family doctor. But, the reality is that family doctor isn’t available to us for a week and a half. When you’ve got a child with breathing issues that means you’ve got other choices if you can’t get in to see the family doctor. Your choices are: Walk in clinic waiting for two to three to four hours or emergency. Both are not appealing. Now I’m very fortunate because at the Dupuis Langen Group, we’ve been highlighting this new program. So, what is the CliniCloud? This is a little non-contact, thermometer and this is a stethoscope. So, I can hook this up to my iPhone or my android and I can actually take recordings of the heartbeat of the breathing and then I go online and I can access a doctor directly within 10 minutes. This is something I do in exactly the same way that I’m talking to you. I click on it. I log in. Next thing you know I’m having a conversation with a doctor the doctor can prescribe the puffers that I can pick up at my local pharmacy. It’s an unbelievable benefit that saves employees time–saves them headaches. Never mind the 3:00 a.m. visit when you’re debating: Do I need to take my child to the hospital or not? The applications for this are endless. The pricing will absolutely surprise you.


So, if you’re interested in finding out more how you can really set your program apart from your competitors; I’d love to chat with you. If not I hope you enjoy the information and I look forward to chatting with you again very soon on the next one. Have a great day!

Brian-1-683x1024 - newBrian joined The Employee Benefits Division of Dupuis Langen Financial Management (1985) Ltd. in April 2017.  He has specialized in employee benefits for 19 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.  His history in self-funded plans, his analytical mind and his dedication to superior customer service make him a great addition.   Contact Brian to customize an innovative and sustainable employee benefits program for your company!