Disability Management describes services that might be provided to an employee who is ill or injured and unable to fulfill their current work responsibilities. Historically these services have been provided by Workers Compensation and by insurance companies and are often referred to as case management.

Case Management v/s Disability Management

The difference between case management v/s disability management is that insurance company manage cases while disability management specialists can help manage the disability. By intervening early and often, establishing a trusted advisory relationship and bringing the Employer’s interest to the front, disability management services can help bring disabled employees back to work sooner and keep disability costs and insurance premiums in check.

Non-Occupational v/s Occupational Disability

You may have heard of the term non-occupational disability which refers to an illness or injury that occurred away from work where wage replacement and rehabilitative services are the responsibility of an insurance company. The term occupational disability refers to an injury that occurred in the performance of work or work-related duties where wage replacement and rehabilitative services are the responsibility of a Workers Compensation Board. Services for both non-occupational and occupational disabilities can be provided by a disability management specialists.

A benefits consultant at Dupuis Langen can help determine your companies needs for this added value benefit.

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