Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense? It just doesn’t add up!

I feel so fortunate to have worked in employee benefits for so long.  I have seen the wonderful protection that benefits offer……but the dollars so rarely make sense. What do I mean by that? Let me break down 3 key areas that I find client’s investment rarely turns into a strong return for them and their employees.

  1.  Drug Plans

A large number of the drug plans I review each day have thousands of dollars wasted. We rarely step up and ask our employers to be diligent and thoughtful about their health-related purchases. Millions of dollars are spent going into large pharmaceutical companies and big name insurers—but we could all save a substantial amount if a simple conversation was had regarding what employees truly need to have included in their drug plans.  In my field, I work with businesses who want the best for their employees. To help them achieve this my goal is simple: present them with new, cost-effective options. Many times this includes presenting them with a drug plan that asks employees to be informed health care consumers. The informed health care consumer will make those invested dollars go a lot further.

  1. Insured Insurance

The insurance world has trained us to insure everything. But do we really need to? The answer to that is no.  By doing a real analysis of our claim fluctuations we can properly evaluate what we need to insure and what we can budget for.  By budgeting for it we can dramatically lower the admin costs of our benefits program, thereby putting more dollars back into the company (now that makes good dollar sense don’t you think?)

  1. Outdated Plans

One of the most common areas I see unnecessary time and dollars being spent is by switching insurance companies.  To use an analogy, when you need to fill up your car with gas you have a multitude of options, but the fact remains that choosing a different gas station will not increase your gas mileage. It is the same with insurers. There are a multitude but switching from one to the next continuously will not ensure that you are getting more for your investment. What will put your investment to good use is to have a full analysis of your package and get a customized group benefits package that works for you. Most of the plans today were designed when prices were 1/10th  of todays.  It’s time to totally rethink how you offer benefits and enjoy all the benefits that come with a newly designed plan.

As an employer you must ask yourself the hard question: Do my dollars make sense? If the dollars aren’t adding up with your current plan it may be time to consider trying something different. Dupuis Langen is committed to working alongside you and your company to create a customized approach for your benefits plan that will make your dollars make perfect sense! Contact us today and we would be happy to customize a benefits package that is as unique as you and your company.


Brian 1Brian Cole  Brian joined The Employee Benefits Division of Dupuis Langen Financial Management (1985) Ltd. in April 2017.  He has specialized in employee benefits for 19 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.  His history in self-funded plans, his analytical mind and his dedication to superior customer service make him a great addition.   Contact Brian to customize an innovative and sustainable employee benefits program for your company! You can reach Brian at or by phone at 604-270-1142 ext.235.